Sunday, August 14, 2011

Black Sheep Sunday - Henry Tissott (Tissett) 1832 Pleading for Clemency (Part 1)

Following my previous post on  Henry Tissott 1832 Letter from Gaol Henry's father Joseph Tissott petitioned the court for clemency because he was only 13.

HO17/99 Petitions for Clemency

Petition SQ10

The humble petition of Joseph Tissot


That your Lordships humble Petitioner is the Father of Henry Tissott an unfortunate youth thirteen years of age now under Sentence of Death recorded in Stafford Gaol for aiding and assisting Elizabeth Banks seventeen years of age in Stealing and disposing of a cow, belonging to Henry Crutchley of Wolverhampton in the County of Stafford.
Your Lordships humble Petitioner prayeth of your great goodness you will consider the feelings of a parent having but this Son and a daughter many miles from him left out of Seven children my said Son Henry Tissott has always been brought up with me under my own care untill Childlike he was enticed to leave me prior to the said Robbery.
Your Lordship’s Humble Petitioner therefore humbly prayeth that you may consider the prisoner’s tender years, and that this is the first and only charge ever brought against him, and that you of your great compassion will ameliorate the anguish of an afflicted parent Sixty one years of age over an unfortunate child
and be pleased to be as lenient with the prisoner as his case will admit and your Lordship’s humble Petitioner will as in duty bound ever pray

Joseph Tissott – his mark

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