Saturday, July 2, 2011

Surname Saturday - Tissott

I'm joining the Saturday Surname brigade and starting with myself and my maiden name.

Tissott (we've always spelled it with the "double t" at the end) is an anglicized version of Tissot, from a diminutive Tissier, the Old French occupational name for a weaver. And no, we are no relation to the Swiss watch firm of the same name, more's the pity.

1. Rosemary Tissott (1940 - )

2. Eric Henry Lindsay TISSOTT(1911-2006), son of Harry TISSOTT and Mary LINDSAY was born on 08 Oct 1911 in Boulder, Western Australia and passed away on 13 Jun 2006 in Hornsby, New South Wales. He was raised on the goldfields at Yunndaga, Western Australia until he was around 7 then moved to Collie, Western Australia, where the mining was for coal instead of gold. Dad always said he was only allowed to stay in school if he kept getting good marks, which he did, eventually leaving school at 15 to join a national bank. At night he studied for his accountancy exams coming 2nd in the state examinations. After being transferred to Narrogin he met and married Eileen Mary Brothers on 06 Mar 1937. He had been transferred to Sydney and they spent the rest of their lives there. It was only after his retirement that they returned to the west for an extended visit.
3. Eileen Mary BROTHERS(1908-1994) was born on 11 Nov 1908 in Dagenham, Essex, England and passed away on 24 Aug 1994 in Gordon, New South Wales.
Eileen Mary BROTHERS and Eric Henry Lindsay TISSOTT had the following children:

1. i. Rosemary TISSOTT
ii. Female Tissott (living)
iii. Male Tissott (living)

4. Harry TISSOTT(1867-1935), son of Henry TISSOTT and Emma SUTHERLAND was born on 01 Jun 1867 in Mount Taurus, Victoria and died on 26 Oct 1935 in Collie, Western Australia. He married Mary LINDSAY on 25 Sep 1895 in Winslow, Victoria. Harry was a miner, gold in Victoria and Western Australia and then coal in Western Australia.
5. Mary LINDSAY, daughter of John LINDSAY and Charlotte WELLS was born on 12 Sep 1868 in Winslow, Victoria and died on 11 Oct 1958 in Fremantle, Western Australia.

Mary LINDSAY and Harry TISSOTT had the following children:

i. Arthur Vivian Tissott, born on 20 Oct 1896 in Yarpturk, Victoria, and died on 27 Apr 1968 in South Fremantle, Western Australia. He married Dulcie Ewart Lethlean on 25 Dec 1919 in Leonora, Western Australia.

ii. Harold Leslie Tissott was born on 13 Aug 1898 in Four Mile, South Menzies, and died in Dec 1981 in Western Australia. He married Evangeline Isobel Booth Carr in 1917 in Coolgardie, Western Australia.

iii. Evelyn Myra Tissott, born on 13 May 1901 in Woolgar, Western Australia and died on 26 Jan 1995 in Mandurah, Western Australia. She married Henry Walter Moyle in 1922 in Collie, Western Australia.

iv. Ida Muriel Tissott, born on 11 Aug 1904 in Yunndaga, Western Australia and died on 27 Dec 2000 in Collie, Western Australia. She married David Hughes on 02 Aug 1925 in Collie, Western Australia.

2. v. Eric Henry Lindsay TISSOTT was born on 08 Oct 1911 in Boulder, Western Australia and died on 13 Jun 2006 in Hornsby, New South Wales. He married Eileen Mary BROTHERS on 06 Mar 1937 in Narrogin, Western Australia.

8. Henry TISSOTT (1819-1853), son of Joseph TISSOTT and Rosanna PARKER was born on 27 Mar 1819 in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire. He died on 12 Oct 1882 in Yarpturk, Victoria. He married Emma SUTHERLAND on 25 Jul 1853 in Portland, Victoria. Henry was transported to Van Diemen's Land in 1833 for stealing a cow. He was 13 at the time and was led astray by an older woman of 17. After serving his time he made his way to Victoria and joined the gold rush, working in various mining towns until ending his days as a farmer.
9. Emma Sutherland (~1832-1920), born in Holborn, Middlesex and died in Cannington, Western Australa.

Henry and Emma had 8 children:

i. Joseph Henry Tissott, born 27 Aug 1854 in Campbells Creek, Victoria, died on 17 Feb 1945 in Winslow, Victoria. He married Elizabeth Hannah Hughes on 6 Apr 1885.

ii. Alfred Tissott, born on 27 Oct 1856 at Fryer's Creek, Victoria and died on 06 Aug 1935 at Cooma, New South Wales. He never married and was a miner.

iii. Francis Tissott was born 13 May 1859 in Warrnambool, Victoria and died 30 Nov 1940 in Victoria. He married Ellen Hughes on 20 Jul 1886 in Winslow, Victoria. Ellen and Joseph Henry's wife ELizabeth were sisters.

iv. Emma Tissott was born 08 Jun 1862 in Moliagul, Victoria and died 10 Mar 1917 in Cannington, Western Australia. She married Alfred Free on 04 Dec 1890 at Yarpturk, Victoria.

v. Arthur Tissott was born on 29 Oct 1864 in Moliagul, Victoria and died on 02 May 1867 in Winslow, Victoria.

5. vi. Harry Tissott, born 01 Jun 1867 in Mount Taurus, Victoria and died 26 Oct 1935 in Collie, Western Australia. He married Mary Lindsay on 25 Sep 1895 in Winslow, Victoria.

vii. Lewis Tisott was born on 22 Dec 1869 in Moutn Taurus, Victoria and died on 11 Oct 1899 in Perth, Western Australia. Lewis never married.

viii. Maria Antoinette Tissott was 11 Jun 1873 in Yarpturk, Victoria and died on 16 Dec 1897 in Mepunga, Victoria. She married John Thomas Merrett on 4 Oct 1894 in Winslow, Victoria.

16. Joseph TISSOTT (~1761-1849) was born about 1761 in New Holland, Lincolnshire. He died on 23 Sep 1849 in Brewood, Staffordshire from the Penkridge Union Workhouse. He married Rosanna PARKER on 04 May 1818 in Brewood, Staffordshire. Not much is known of Joseph's life. After Henry was transported to Van Diemen's Land he shows up in the criminal registers a couple of times for petty crimes such as receiving stolen goods but was never sentenced. He died in the Poorhouse.
17. Rosanna Parker was probably born around 1797. I have no further information on her.
Joseph and Rosanna had at least 5 children:

8. i. Henry Tissott (1819-1882)

ii. Rosanna or Rosina Tissot, born around 23 Sep 1821 in Bishops Wood, Staffordshire, and died about 3 Dec 1835 in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire.

iii. Emma Tissot, born around 31 Oct 1823 in Bishops Wood, Staffs, and died around 20 Jun 1829 in Brewood, Staffs.

iv. Julia Tissot, born before 07 Dec 1825 in Bishops Wood, Staffs, and died as an infant on 02 Jan 1826, Brewood, Staffs.

v. Antoinette Tissot was born about 4 Jun 1827 in Brewood, Staffs and died 15 Jun 1829 in Brewood, Staffs.

Joseph possibly had 2 more children, not necessarily by his wife Rosanna. He stated at his son Henry's trial that he had 7 children, Henry, a daughter who was "from home (Rosanna) and all the others had passed away.

If anyone has anymore information on my Tissott Family i would love to hear from you. If you have a subscription to Ancestry you can find the Tissott's in my tree "Tissott and Lindsay.