Sunday, July 31, 2011

Black Sheep Sunday - Henry Tissott (Tissett) 1832 in Stafford Gaol

My Great Grandfather Henry Tissott stole a cow when he was 13, was sentenced to death then had his sentence commuted to transportation for life (see my note below - got to make sure of the facts). Here is a letter he wrote his father from Stafford Gaol.
Letter from Henry Tissett in Stafford Gaol 1832
January 8th Stafford Gaol 1832

Dear Farther
I now set down to writ a few lines hoping to find you in good health as it leaves me at the present considering my unfortunate situation.  Dear father Elizabeth Banks enticed me away from home and thold me that she had a cow at Wolverhampton and she told me she wanted me to take it to Birmingham market for she wanted me to cell it as I did not know beter but it was herowne and wen we had sold it she said she wold by me some sows but wen she had sold it she began to quarrel with me wen i was in bed and said to me how come you to steal the cow and I said to her you told me it was yours and I told the man at the house as she sent me from it and then the man of the house got up and went for the constable and had us both put into custordy and she told me if I  would tell the magaistrate as she had nothing to do with it and clear her she would go home to my father’s house and wen he was a sleep she wold kill him and bring me all is money to the prison. Dear father I hope you pleas either cord hav send to me on Thursday next and pleas to bring me a little bacon chees and buter and a little coffee and sugar and about 3 shillings in money as you may see me on Thursday or in Thursday or satarday. So no more at presant from your unfortunate son
H Tissart

I used the services of Pastfinders to get these records from the National Archives at Kew.