Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ancestry DNA Adventures Part II

I've been making an effort to review at least a page or two of matches every day. It's a tedious process and I'm looking forward to when Ancestry provides us with better data management tools.

Discards - these are any matches that have a private tree, have no tree attached to the DNA results, or have a minimal tree with less than about a dozen people.

Stars - these are matches with a primary name I'm looking for or one of the places I'm interested in. The places this first pass are Norfolk and Staffordshire in England, and Australia. I should have looked for more but didn't realise this when I started.

No Stars - these are matches without any of my primary names and none of the places in my search.

Primary Names Not Yet Found - Beecroft, Cockle, Ettridge, Fokard, Tissott
Names with 1-10 matches - Davy, Freedman, Brothers, Tomson
Names with 10-25 matches - Fielding, Hewitt, Gooch, Sutherland, Reeder, Casey
Names with 25-50 matches - Barnard, Bull, Lindsay, Dickerson, Norton, Cobb, Hardy
Names with 50-100 matches - Williamson
Greater than 100 matches - Wells, Bailey, Parker, Baker, Walker, Wright, Thompson, Taylor

Status of my matches as of 15 March 2013.
Matches Reviewed: 2900
Matches Discarded: 650
Matches not reviewed: 400
Total Matches: 3300


  1. Do you know where your Walker's are from? I have Walkers from Cumberland but think they came from Durham originally but can't yet prove it.

    1. Sharon, one of my 3x great grandmother's is Jane Walker. She married Daniel Sutherland at Shoreditch St Leonard in London on 19 Dec 1802. I haven't been able to find anything else about her or Daniel as yet, neither baptism nor burial. A Charles Walker was a witness to the marriage but there is no indication of a relationship. She was probably born in the London area but this is just a guess. I've done some hunting around London for her and haven't had any success.

  2. I would be interested to hear more specifics about the DNA research or see an example of one report.

    1. Sharon,

      I'll find some good examples for you and post them in a new blog.