Saturday, March 30, 2013

Surname Saturday - FREEDMAN or FREEMAN

When I saw Randy Seaver's Surname Saturday blog on his Freeman ancestors Freeman (England > Massachusetts) I thought I would also look at my Freedman ancestors of which there is only one, Esther Freedman.

My ancestral line is:

1.  Rosemary Tissott

2. Eric Henry Lindsay Tissott (1911-2006)
3. Eileen Mary Brothers (1908-1994)

6. Walter Albert Brothers (1876-1964)
7. Sarah Reeder (1874-1951)

14. James Thompson Reeder (1835-1907)
15. Elizabeth Barnard (1844-1937)

28. Byworth Thompson (1812-1895)
29. Mary Reeder (1809-1870)

58. Peter Reeder (1769- <1841)
59. Hannah Hewitt (1772-1858)

116. Peter Reeder (1736- <1788)
117. Esther Freedman (ca 1737 - (1770-1788))

Little is known of Esther Freedman, my 4th great grandmother, outside of her marriage to Peter Reeder.  Esther and Peter were married by Banns at Deopham, Norfolk on the 11 October 1758. At the time of her marriage Esther (or Hester) was a Singlewoman of the Parish of Deopham. Their children were born in Great Ellingham, Norfolk and are:

Rachel Reeder (1759-
Elizabeth Reeder (1763-1781)
Esther Reeder (1765-
Peter Reeder (1767-1768)
Peter Reeder (1769 <1841)
James Reeder (1770-

I've been unable to find any further reference to Esther after the birth of her son James in 1770 and before the death of her husband Peter Reeder in 1788 where his status is that of "widower". 


  1. You have an interesting blog here for anyone trying to fathom genealogy. I started years ago but gave up when I lost my program when I changed to Apple computer. I still have data in a file but I never seem to have time to start again due to my other hobbies.

  2. Thanks for your comment. No more Rosebush stories????

  3. Sorry folks, I've been distracted. I hope to get back to this in the not too distant future.